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Group Information and FAQ 
General Information

  • To qualify for the group discount, a minimum of (20) tickets must be purchased in one transaction. This may include any combination of tickets for any attractions.

  • One adult leader per 6 youth must supervise and enter the attraction.

  • Leaders must enforce the attraction rules.

  • Groups must wait in the designated group waiting area.

  • There are no refunds for group tickets- unused tickets are valid for the remaining season.

  • Tickets may be purchased online (recommended) or at the ticket booth.

  • Complete the booking form to receive the group discount code.

  • No outside food is permitted in the common area within the main gate around the tables and benches.

  • Outside food is permitted the group waiting are as long as trash is properly disposed of and no garbage is left behind.

 Recommended Process

Asset 3.png

  • Meet with your group beforehand and receive a final count 

  • Purchase tickets before you come to the maze or while you’re on your way

  • Go to

  • Select the attraction(s) you would like to attend and add the quantity of tickets

  • Click the green add to cart button on each ticket

  • Go to your cart located in the upper right corner and click the green checkout button

  • Below the order summary enter discount code you received in your group booking email and click the green apply button

  •  You must enter the discount code to receive the discount

  • Discount code WILL NOT be valid if you have less than 20 total tickets

  • Fill out the buyer, payment, & billing information

  • Read through the terms and conditions then check the agree box

  • Click the green pay now button

  • When you arrive at the maze go directly to the entrance of the attraction and show the QR codes at the gate. QR will be sent through email or text from FEARTICKET

  • After you have enjoyed the attractions and any concessions, please exit promptly


If you need to wait for members of your group to arrive, please wait in the designated group waiting area. Do NOT gather or wait in the parking lot!

 Alternate Process

(if you do not wish to purchase tickets online)

  • Please send only ONE leader/organizer to the ticket booth to purchase all tickets in one transaction 

  • Your group will need to wait in the designated group waiting area located on the West side of the main entrance. Please DO NOT have your group wait near the ticket line, entrance, or in the parking lot

  • After tickets are purchased, the leader will meet the group in the waiting area and pass out tickets 

  • All group members may proceed to the attraction entrance 

  • After you have enjoyed the attractions and any concessions, please exit promptly


Do I need to make a reservation to receive the group discount?

Reservations are strongly recommended, but not required. 


Do I have to wait for my entire group to arrive to enter?

No, you do not. If tickets are purchased online simply send a QR code to each member of group. 


What if I need to change the day of my reservation?

If you need to change the day on your reservation, simply fill out the form and create a new reservation. 


What do I do if I pre-purchase tickets and have more people show up?

If you purchased tickets beforehand and have additional people show up, you may send ONE leader to the ticket booth to purchase additional tickets at group pricing with proof of ticket purchase.


What if we don’t use all the tickets?

Tickets are non refundable. You may keep the tickets and use them another day. 


Will we have time to do more than one attraction?

Crazy Corn Maze time varies greatly. Some people prefer to find their way out as fast as possible, some people like to do the checkpoint challenge (which takes longer), and some people get lost for a long time and call the helpline to get out. Night Stalkers Haunted Trail is over a half mile trail with multiple buildings. This attraction takes an average of 40 minutes depending on the pace of the group. Fright Lights is over a half mile trail that is completely at your own pace. 

Can I send the youth group into the attraction by themselves?

No, we require an adult leader per 6 youths to accompany them throughout all attractions.

What if it rains or the attractions are closed due to weather?

Tickets are valid for the entire 2023 season.  You can plan any other night to attend.  We allow groups to rain-check on weekends as well.

What if some people want to do the maze and others want to do the haunted trail?

You may purchase tickets for different attractions as long as there are a total of at least 20 tickets. (Examples, 15 Night Stalkers Haunted Trail Tickets & 5 Crazy Corn Maze Tickets or 10 Fear Pass Tickets & 10 Crazy Corn Maze Tickets)  You may purchase any combination of tickets online or onsite.

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